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About Social Vision Marketing

Social Vision Marketing, LLC is a full-service social media marketing and digital communications agency located in Traverse City, Michigan. We are focused on helping small businesses deepen relationships with their customers and potential customers through the use of social media channels and creative digital communications.

What We Offer

We offer a full-range of digital marketing solutions to help empower brands in the digital marketing and social media realms, including:

Who We Work With?

We work with a very broad clientele and have quickly become the agency of choice for small businesses who take social media and digital marketing seriously. We work with small-to-medium sized businesses in northern Michigan as well as around the United States.

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Why Work With An Agency?

An agency’s job is to create or manage your company’s brand effectively over multiple advertising mediums. We spend time researching the best possible approach to social media marketing. By working with an agency such as Social Vision Marketing, we can provide an outside prospective on your business, bringing an objectivity that is sometimes missed with an in-house marketing department.

We know your time is stretched thin and you probably don’t have time to worry about managing an effective social media presence. Let us handle your heavy lifting, whether it be with your social media presence, website, or digital marketing.

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Our Philosophy

We want our clients to see the importance of two-way communication. We don’t just sell you the tools of social media, we want you to see the value in using them. Therefore, we look at our clients’ wants, needs and opportunities, then work backwards to identify the strategies that are right for you.

Social media isn’t just a tool where we put information out there and wait for it to work by itself. The key to a successful social media strategy is interaction. It is how we communicate with others to achieve their trust. In turn, we build our clients’ reputations.

We want to bridge the gap between yesterday’s traditional marketing principles with today’s technology. The days of huge marketing budgets and expensive TV commercials are gone. Human interaction and relationships are priceless.

Erin Monigold

Founder of Social Vision Marketing

Social media junkie. Lover of the mitten state. Animal rescue volunteer.


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