Traverse City TweetUp on 7&4 News

Did you catch the Traverse City TweetUp on 7&4 News last week? As the founder of the Traverse City TweetUp, I was invited to the studio to talk about Twitter, the TweetUp social networking event, and to “tweet the news” as it was being broadcast live.

TweetUp Member, Joel Gaff, Jr., and I on the 7&4 News Set

Last year I started a networking group called the Traverse City TweetUp. The TC TweetUp is a way for social media users to network offline for face-to-face tweetups in the Grand Traverse area. It has quickly grown to a very popular networking event. We were even given the title of “Traverse City’s Best Networking Event!”

Being on 7&4 News was an amazing opportunity and we were even invited back for another live tweet event in May! Watch for us “live tweeting” the news on Tuesday, May 15th.

If you’d like to get involved in the Traverse City TweetUp, check us out on Twitter or Facebook.



The TC TweetUp Gang with the evening TV 7&4 news anchors