12 Creative Facebook Fan Page Photo Strips

The photo strip located at the top of the Facebook business page has been around for fan pages since the changes last winter. However, many businesses are under-utilizing this prime real estate! The default view shows the five most recently added photos, but there is an opportunity to use this photo strip as free branding space to add compelling visual interest.

Therefore, we wanted to highlight some of the brands that are taking advantage of this photo strip. But first, we’d love to give you some tips on how you can utilize it for your own business.

How to Create a Branded Photo Strip:

  • Choose images: Choose five images that work in any random order. Note: fan page photos randomize every time the page is refreshed.
  • Size your images: The sizing for these images are 97px x 68px. I recommend scaling them to fit that size. Go with an image that is 970px x 680px.
  • Add them to your page: I recommend creating a photo album just for the photo strip to keep them separate from other content. You can either choose to publish them to the newsfeed or not.
  • Keep them clean: When you add new images to your fan page, remember the top five most recent will always appear in the photo strip. Remember to always X out the images you don’t want to include in the photo strip.

12 Creative Facebook Fan Page Photo Strips:

Below are a few of our favorites..

1. M&M’s

We love the use of their tasty characters. It shows each delicious M&M character’s personality so well.

2. Snickers

Maybe we’re just hungry for candy, but Snickers has a pretty cool branded photo strip that coordinates well with their TV advertising campaigns.

3. Bailey’s

We love the use of the photo strip on Bailey’s fan page, because it not only ties in with a promotion to help name Farmer Joe’s cows, but it also continues the landscape from the main avatar.

4. Lysol

We love the artistic use on Lysol’s fan page. It’s also another great example of continuing the photos from the avatar. Each photo works together no matter which order they are displayed.

5. Secret

Secret’s fan page makes our eyes happy with their creative use of color to showcase their products.

6. Threadless

We love Threadless’ fan page because it’s a great showcase of their products. Each one is sized and cropped perfectly to show their t-shirt designs.

7. McDonald’s

Props to McDonald’s on always using creative advertising on their fan page. The colors are pleasing to the eyes and work well with their McNugget Saucy Challenge.

8. Steve Madden

Steve Madden does an excellent job of showing off their shoes for Fashion Week. However, we’d recommend using the larger size of these photos so users can click and see the detail of the shoe styles. These are stuck at the 97px x 68px size.

9. Involver

We love that Involver shows off their products in words. They work in any order and showcase their digital marketing services. We’d recommend taking it one step further by attaching a link and call-to-action in each photo’s description.

10. Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods sized their photos just perfectly to show off these yummy meals and treats. Best of all? Each photo has a description and a link to the scrumptious recipe. A+! They know what their demographic is looking for!

11. High Five Threads

We wanted to showcase some local Traverse City businesses that are doing it right! We give a high five to Traverse City’s own Hive Five Threads.

12. AC PAW

It may be a shameless plug since AC PAW is a client of Social Vision Marketing’s, but we love the way their fan page showcases their pets. It shows what this animal rescue is all about!


Do you have a favorite Facebook fan page with a creative photo strip? Share it with us!