SEO Tips for Your Facebook Page

You already know the importance of optimizing your business’ website, but what about SEO for your Facebook Page? Is it even possible? While you may not have traditional meta tags and meta keywords to work with, there are some general rules of thumb to use while developing (or updating) your business’ Facebook Page.

1. Customize your Facebook Page’s URL – While adding a custom username to your business’ Page not only makes it easier for you and your Facebook Pages SEO Tipscustomers to find your page, it also helps with your business’ branding and SEO. Rather than having a long drawn out, consider using your brand’s name. It’s much easier to tell your customers to go to This also helps to improve your search ranking. To set up your custom URL, go to Choose wisely! You can only change this URL once per page.

2. Utilize your About Section. – Whatever you do, don’t leave this area blank! Search engines love social media and will most definitely pull from your About section as part of your Facebook Page’s meta description. Use this area by writing a detailed and keyword rich description of your business, your products, or your services. Side note: if your page isn’t a location, the “Short Description” area is used under your Page’s cover photo. Keep this short and sweet and include a link to your website for some added oomph.

3. Simplify your Page’s Title. – We’ve all seen the Facebook Pages with very LOOOONG titles that not only include their name but also a description of keywords of what they do. These businesses probably misread somewhere that the keywords would help their search rankings (i.e. XYZ Vineyard & Winery – Michigan Red Wines, White Wines, Sparking Wine, Tasting Room). On the contrary, not only does this make you look unprofessional, but it also makes it harder for users to tag your page. However, I do recommend adding a city name if there are other businesses around the country with your same name. The good news is that Facebook now lets you change your Page’s name. Just go to your Edit Page and your Page’s Name and click on ‘Request a Change’. Again, choose wisely!

4. Regularly Update the Content on your Page. – Update, update, update! The search engines love fresh content and so do your fans! We recommend updating your page once or twice per day with quality content that is engaging. Your status updates give the search engines new text to crawl and shows them that your Facebook Page is worth ranking higher since it is updated consistently. Just like your website, it’s important to add new content.

If you have more questions on the proper way to set up your Facebook Page, please don’t hesitate to ask us!