Today’s Facebook Tip: Brand Photo Tagging

Just a few months ago Facebook gave users the ability to tag brands in their photos. If you’re a page admin and haven’t seen any fan photos yet, you may need to adjust your settings to give your fans permission.

Why? Photo tagging is a great way to increase engagement and add new fans to your page. It allows users to engage with your brand in a way they couldn’t before. Ask your fans to tag your page in their new and old photos. More tagged photos give you more interesting and engaging content that you can use and share.

How? To do this, go to Edit Page on your business’ fan page, click on Apps > Photos in the list of apps your page uses. Click on “Go To App”. You’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate buttons checked. (See example below).

Social Vision’s Tip: Keep in mind that it is incredibly important to actively manage your business’ page. It’s possible for fans to tag images that have nothing to do with your brand. As of right now, Facebook will not notify you when your page has been tagged in a photo, so it’s important to monitor them on a regular basis.

Happy Facebooking!