You Had Me at “Tweet Me”

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I got into a conversation with my boyfriend about how candy hearts have really changed since we were youngsters. No longer are there just the traditional “I Love You” and “Call Me” messages. In 2010, the world-famous Sweethearts candy introduced “Tweet Me” and “Text Me”. As a tech geek, I find this so fascinating. The new technology-driven expressions for Valentine’s Day even replaced “E-mail Me” and “Fax Me”. Because, really? Who actually uses a fax anymore? And obviously, e-mail is being replaced with real-time tweets and text messages.

This led me to wonder, what will NECCO write next on their candy hearts? What will be the next trend? Will Twitter be popular for a long time to come?

So, if you think 140-characters is short, try writing messages for the 145 year old candy. Candy hearts are limited to 5 characters on each line. Obviously, “Facebook Me” wouldn’t fit. But, I hope NECCO continues on the path of making their classic candy more relevant to the young people.