What Our Clients Say

“Erin from Social Vision Marketing brings her alert mind and warm personality to the job. Erin started out with a bang by raising enough money through social media fundraising (via Twitter) to save 8 animals. Erin upgraded our Facebook fan page and got some real activity going with Twitter. And, what an improvement it has been, taking our numbers from 20 Facebook fans to over 1000 in less than a year.

Erin is a person of high intregity, compassionate heart, and a good business sense. She knows how to forward our mission by constantly connecting the dots and making connections. She keeps our best interests in mind, working with quiet confidence and respect for the opinion of the management. She’s a self starter who embodies the term “support staff”. What an improvement in one year in our ability to interact with the public. It has been a pleasure to have Erin on our team and I know she has helped our mission move ahead in ways that were not possible before. She makes things happen behind the scenes, establishing meaningful connections that lead to good things.”

– Brian Manley, Founder of AC PAW


“If you’re considering a partnership with a social media company, look no further than Social Vision Marketing. When we opened our business last year, we knew that joining in the social media conversation would be vital to the success of our brand and we also realized we couldn’t do it ourselves. So, the search began to hire a social media agency. We met with many companies and found that the services offered by Erin and Social Vision Marketing were the best available.

Erin and her team worked to create our social media brand and gladly gave valuable advice on what we should and shouldn’t do. As MEDIA POWER NORTH’s social media agency-of-record, Social Vision Marketing works daily to accomplish the goals we established together. They represent our brand on all of the social networks where we have a presence which allows our team to fully focus on our own media planning and placement clients.

We look forward to working with the team at Social Vision Marketing for years to come.”

– Kristin Hall, President of MEDIA POWER NORTH


“How do you build a presence and an image in a competitive market place? Hire Social Vision Marketing! Elder Living Construction with over 30 years experience in the building and remodeling industry set about establishing a new company with a focus on the Aging-in-Place market. We engaged Erin and Social Vision Marketing to design our logo and build our website. Along the way she also helped us establish the important Facebook and Internet connections a new company needs to thrive.

Her work set the momentum to move us forward quickly with a level of impact beyond our expectations. The logo design was critical in establishing our “brand” and has been invaluable in developing world-class marketing materials. We are thrilled with our website as well. Erin did research regarding our industry and partnered with us to produce important articles and blog material that enhanced the look and feel of our site. I give credit to Social Vision Marketing for our early success and will continue to partner with Erin as a trusted partner as we grow.”

– Barb Baker, Principal Partner of Elder Living Construction


“Silver Leaf Vineyard and Winery in Suttons Bay, Michigan has been working very closely with Erin and Social Vision Marketing for over two years. Erin is a pleasure to work with and with her expertise, has given us presence in our industry while constantly growing our customer following. Our customers call us regularly, complimenting us on our website, our Facebook presence, and our Twitter interaction. In addition, our customers visit us in our tasting room simply to continue their interaction with us.

Erin has helped us tremendously, increasing our sales and relationships with our customers and given us presence within our industry as well as development of our customer base. Prior to working with Social Vision Marketing we had virtually no interaction, no “face” on the web. Erin is extremely competent and professional while constantly delivering quality service. Social Vision Marketing is a quality organization that operates with integrity and holds very high standards of service. I highly recommend Social Vision Marketing; they are a compliment to us, our industry and the world wide web.”

– Mark Carlson, Owner of Silver Leaf Vineyard & Winery


Dr. Maggie - Animal Medical Center“Erin Monigold has been a huge asset to my business! I recently purchased an existing business that had been a part of the Traverse City community for 32 years. When I assumed the business the website was in need of updating. Erin worked closely with me for a few weeks to update photos, bios, and business information. I recently was consulting with a rep from Yellow Book (who was trying to sell me a new website). In only a few minutes the sales rep stopped herself when she discovered my current site had an 8 out of 10 rating across the board for website design and details. Then she proceeded to tell me I did NOT need a new website and that this is the best one she had seen from an outside Yellow Book designer in a very long time!! I can only thank Erin for this. And honestly it made me feel that not only did I get my money’s worth but Erin really knows her stuff! I priced around with larger website design companies before finding Erin that were much more costly and I’m sure I would not have had the same quality of work and personal attention that I received from Erin. I am continuing to use her for all my website modifications and updates… Thanks SO much, Erin!”

– Dr. Margaret Schopp, Owner of Animal Medical Center of Traverse City

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