Pinterest Launches Business Accounts and Tools

Pinterest, the online virtual pinboard, announced this week the addition of Pinterest for Business! Up until now, brands and businesses on Pinterest, have had the same accounts as you and I have. With the arrival of designated business pages, Pinterest also added a feature to convert your page to a proper business profile. (I wonder why it took Facebook so many years to add this feature?) Along with the new business page, brands will also receive new business tools, tips, and a new terms of service.

With the news this week, Cat Lee, Pinterest Product Manager said, “We want to help more businesses provide great content on Pinterest and make it easy to pin from their websites.” She goes on to explain more in her blog post for Pinterest

New business terms
We now have two sets of terms—one for people and one for businesses. The business terms help guide businesses on how to use Pinterest. They also enable us to separate the provisions meant for businesses from those meant for regular people. As a result, we updated our user terms to be half as long.

Signing up on our business site allows you to specify your business name (instead of first name and last name) and get access to new tools:

  • Verify your website. The verification badge helps people identify high-quality sources of content and more easily find the business they want in search results.
  • Add new buttons and widgets. Integrate the Pin It buttonFollow buttonProfile widget, or Board widget to get more engagement from pinners and traffic back your site.
  • Access to upcoming features. Receive updates on future products and services that will provide more powerful ways of reaching and understanding your audience on Pinterest.
  • Case Studies. Jetsetter, Allrecipes, Etsy, Organized Interiors, and Petplan Insurance share metrics and describe how they successfully used Pinterest to increase customer reach, drive traffic to their sites, and engage their strongest advocates.
  • What Works. We published a set of best practices with several examples for you to follow.
  • Guides and Documentation. Check out new guides and documentation for the Pin It and Follow buttons and how to use the Pinterest brand in marketing materials.

So have you converted your account yet? If not, just click the convert button on the Pinterest for Business page. It is an easy process to get your domain verified.

Is your business on Pinterest? Share the link with us below!