Social Media Marketing Has Gone Insane

Things have gotten a little crazy in the world of social media marketing. Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (which is missing from this diagram, by the way), YouTube, LinkedIn, apps, software, widgets, plugins, platforms, tools, and more, the social media landscape can get pretty confusing. How does one keep track of it all?

The biggest complaint I hear from my clients is that digital marketing is confusing – very confusing. How do you sort through all of this mess and keep your brand’s digital profiles current and up-to-date? Unfortunately, there isn’t one magical quick fix to do it all for you. I remind each client that they don’t need to have their business in every social space. It doesn’t always make sense for a financial company to be on Pinterest or a retail store to be on LinkedIn. My solution to my clients is to develop a clear execution plan, analyze who your primary target market is, and take advantage of where those customers and potential customers spend their time on the web.

Social media shouldn’t be an afterthought; it should be part of your overall marketing plan. And keep in mind social media is about slow and consistent relationship building, where trust is earned over time and dialog is cultivated through an exchange of value. Social media takes time!

Note: You can click to enlarge the diagram, but I promise that it won’t make it look any simpler.