The Muppets Studio: A YouTube Case Study

I seem to be talking a lot about children’s programming these days with my recent ramblings on Sesame Street’s hilarious spoof on the Old Spice guy commercial. You must be wondering what’s wrong with Erin at Social Vision Marketing? I’m probably missing my youth, but the Muppets Studio is a great case study in how to properly leverage YouTube.

The Muppets had seen a decline in popularity over the years. To compete, they have become social media savvy! Through hilarious YouTube videos and an iPhone app, the Muppets are taking the social networks by storm. Through the creation of a sweet YouTube channel and exclusive videos that retain the charm and humor of the show with some social media twists, they have been able to capture a whole new audience.

Check out this clever combination of Beaker’s mishaps and the trolling nature of YouTube comments and annotations. Brilliant!