How to Convert Your Facebook Profile to a Fan Page

Facebook announced this week some BIG news for businesses that still have a Facebook personal page – you now have the opportunity to convert your personal profile into a fan page without losing your following!

Why a fan page?

Fan pages are better for brands, businesses and organizations for many reasons.

  1. Facebook users only need to simply “like” your page instead of becoming a friend with you to view your content.
  2. Fan pages are indexed by the search engines and help your SEO rankings.
  3. Fan pages make finding your business on Facebook much easier.
  4. Facebook gives personal pages a maximum number of friends of 5,000.
  5. There are so many more options with fan pages, including custom landing pages, tabs and more.
  6. You’re able to promote your page with Facebook advertising.
  7. You can view insights about who your fans are, what updates they like and more.

FYI – Did you know it’s actually against Facebook guidelines to have a personal page for anything other than an individual person? They warn that your page can be deleted without warning if this is the case. I haven’t actually heard of this happening, but that’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

A warning about the switch-over:

Before you convert your page, please make sure you save all of your important content, photos, etc. The only items that will carry on to your new page will be your profile photos and your friends (who will now be fans). Your contact info, photos, updates, links, etc will be lost. The good news is that Facebook has given a quick and easy way to save your info. Also, please note that once you change your page over to a fan page, you can not revert back to your personal page.

So how do you change your page over? 

Visit Facebook’s Help Center and read through the FAQs closely before you hit the convert button found in the FAQs. After you convert your page, you will now have an official fan page and that will be the sole admin of the new page. You can add your own personal account as an admin if you’d like to access the page that way as well.

If you have questions about the change, just ask! Happy Facebooking.