Christmas Gift Cards… on Facebook??

Through my dozens of last-minute shopping e-mails from brands this Christmas season, I ran across this ad in a Victoria’s Secret Pink e-mail telling me to “Think Outside The Gift Box” and “Give a Gift Card to Your Facebook Friend”. Who would’ve ever thought we’d see the day when we’d buy and receive gift cards via Facebook?

Well, along with all brands, gift cards have now shown up on Facebook. Early adopters like Victoria’s SecretKMart, Sears, Amazon, Starbucks and American Eagle are now offering shoppers the ability to buy and send cards all without leaving the comforts of Facebook.

Shoppers can visit their favorite store’s Facebook Page and purchase cards right through a special Facebook App. The Facebook-purchased gift cards are redeemable either online or in stores, and are even posted right to the recipient’s Wall.

I found some interesting statistics showing that the online gift card industry is booming. Gift card sales are projected to hit almost $6 billion by 2014, according to a report last February by Javelin Strategy & Research. I guess it only makes sense that Facebook would be the next avenue for buying and selling gift cards.

Some critics say that gifting on Facebook makes the gift more impersonal with no hand-written note or personal meaning. In my opinion, it sounds like a pretty convenient way to send a gift card to someone who lives far away. No postage is necessary and no trips to the supermarket’s gift card aisle or the local mall.

What do you think??