Governments often have trouble with the ‘social’ part of social media

Let’s face it. It’s 2015 and you would automatically assume that in order to find a local store, restaurant, or business you could just turn to Facebook. But how about your local government?

Many governmental agencies are finally getting their feet wet in the social media platforms. However, as with any business, the fact is there is a right way and a not-so-right way to be more social.

Aaron Selbig from Interlochen Public Radio (IPR) recently contacted me for an interview about an article he was working on for ipr_logo_redthe radio station about governments using social media. The timing was perfect as I had just finished some social media setup, branding, and training for The City of Traverse City. We just launched their Facebook page in January.

Aaron asked me what advice I had for governments dabbling into social media. The truth is… we could all be a little more social (even governmental agencies). Social media is a perfect way to reach out to citizens and businesses in the community. My best advice as a “social” government (or business) is to be personable, warm, and approachable. Followers of your Facebook page or Twitter account like to be talked to not talked at. Be yourself and show your personality.

Read (or listen to) Interlochen Public Radio’s article: “Governments often have trouble with the ‘social’ part of social media