Crain’s Detroit Business: Traverse City’s “The Boomerang Effect”

Photo courtesy of Howard Lovy

I was recently interviewed for a Crain’s Detroit Business article all about Traverse City’s booming tech industry and how there is a trend happening in crains_detroit_logonorthern Michigan, homegrown young people are moving back to the city where they grew up. Writer Howard Lovy describes us as “boomerangs”. He sees a youthful and innovative social movement developing in Traverse City, thanks to homegrown young people. In his article The Boomerang Effect, Lovy looks at the current trend of Traverse City-born 20-to-30-somethings returning to Traverse City. And as the generation takes roots, we are paving ground for smart and creative business opportunity.

I’m honored to be part of such a wonderful group of young people. I started my own business, Social Vision Marketing, almost three years ago. In that time I have seen a lot of growth of young people in my hometown. Through fun events like the Traverse City TweetUp and Traverse City Geek Breakfast, I have been able to network and socialize with a big percentage of young and innovative people.

It’s an exciting time for Traverse City!

Read the Crain’s Detroit Business article: “The boomerang effect: Young people who left Traverse City to find their future… back home.”