LivingSocial’s Offer Breaks Records

If you were on the social networks today, you probably noticed your friends sending links to a website called LivingSocial for a half-off deal on an Amazon gift card. While most of us are familiar with Groupon, very few of us have ever used or even heard of LivingSocial. So why the sudden buzz on the networks?

LivingSocial’s latest deal has taken the Internet by storm today and has brought back memories of the 90’s dot-com marketing binge. (For a moment there, I had the urge to pull out my sock monkey.) For 24 hours, members can purchase a $20 Amazon gift card for just $10. This deal has attracted over 680,000 purchasers with 17 hours left to go. It has also broken a record, set by Groupon’s GAP partnership last summer, making it the most-purchased daily deal offer ever. As of 2:30pm EST, over 24,000 consumers had shared the link on Facebook.