Pepto Bismol: A Social Media Case Study

One of America’s favorite upset stomach medicines has hit it big with its recent social media efforts. If you haven’t already done so, I recommend checking out Pepto Bismol’s YouTube channel and its holiday videos. Ken Jeong, from movies such as The Hangover and Step Brothers, stars in the pink holiday-themed “Tummy Time” YouTube videos. The videos take place, appropriately enough, inside the human digestive tract. Ken says, “stomachs are usually hoppin’ as a club,” while busting some sweet dance moves. This particular stomach is “empty and joyless” due to under-indulgence, but the tummy soon fills with yummy holiday treats, which causes Ken to erupt in evil laughter and break out his big Pepto gun. The final message is, “if you overdo it, Pepto Bismol has you covered.” The ads are hilarious and already have tens of thousands of views.

Pepto Bismol‘s parent company, Proctor & Gamble, have made big changes to its marketing budget for its pink brand. Previously 80% to 90% of Pepto Bismol’s marketing budget was spent on traditional media; now only 10% to 20% will be spent on traditional advertising while the majority of the budget will be used for digital media.