Five Years of Sharing Behavior (Infographic)

Anyone that reads our blog knows that we’re obsessed with Infographics – not only because we think they are pretty but because we’re information geeks too!

Ever wondered when are people most likely to share content on the web? What services are they sharing to most frequently? As social marketers, we wonder these questions every day and continually pick up trends with each of our clients.

For its fifth birthday, AddThis, the world’s largest bookmarking and sharing service, has provided us with answers to the burning questions of when, where, why and how. It’s hard to imagine five years ago, there were less than a hundred million people using the internet. Today, we have over 1.2 billion users sending traffic to the virtual world on a daily basis. As a medium for all sorts of communication, you’d be amazed at the true sharing behavior of web users.

Check out this pretty infographic titled, Five Years of Sharing. Do you find any of their statistics surprising?