Tip Tuesday: Don’t Over-Focus on Marketing

Often times businesses focus too heavily on marketing and selling their product that they miss the most important part of social media – being social!

Today’s Tip: Don’t forget to be social!

Social networking is about meeting new people, being engaged, and making contacts. It’s not about making a sale the moment you meet someone, but rather about getting to know someone and allowing them to get to know you. Once a relationship has been established, then the subtle sales process can begin.

I’ve seen too many businesses who forget that social media is a community of people who have expectations. These expectations don’t typically include having marketing messages jammed down their throat.

Social media isn’t all about “me, me, me”. Have you ever been on a first date where your date only talks about him or herself? It’s not fun and you lose interest quickly. You probably won’t want to talk to them again. Your status updates shouldn’t always be about you. Find content that complements your brand. Help promote others. It’ll go a lot farther with your followers. No one likes a schmoozer with a big ego online or off.

Additional Tip: When assigning the task of social media marketing to someone inside or outside of your company, make sure they understand your brand, your voice and personality, and the image you want to portray.